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Schools facing up to new challenges

The conference is organised around five plenary sessions and a session for workshops. Four of the plenary sessions will include presentations prepared by invited experts, from different Member States and from the European Commission. Some of the plenary sessions will be partly dedicated to debates open to all participants. In the final plenary session the conclusions and recommendations will be presented. Objectives:

The conference aims to:

  • Identify the core challenges schools face up to nowadays, with regard to the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy and to the Education & Training 2010 Work Programme, in order to ensure quality and equity in school education, as full components of lifelong learning national strategies;
  • examine the role that school empowerment and organisational development processes, as well as accountability systems, play in meeting those challenges, on the basis of the analysis of policy and practices in this field;
  • Analyse the results of the Commission's public consultation on Schools and contribute to systematising the main messages and recommendations to be included in the follow-up.


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02/11/2007 to 03/11/2007
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