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Making excellence inclusive: towards a new Cedefop survey of VET teachers and trainers - New dates: 3 and 7 December 2020

Cedefop’s seminar ‘Making excellence inclusive: towards a new Cedefop survey of VET teachers and trainers’, which was initially scheduled to take place on Friday 3 April 2020 in Brussels, will take place in the form of two webinars on 3 and 7 of December 2020 from 10:00-13:00 Brussels time.


Participants will include European Brussels-based policy-makers, social partners, and invited experts in professional development of VET teachers and trainers, survey design and implementation, and use of survey results to inform decision-making.


The purpose of the two webinars is to explore avenues for Cedefop to monitor the situation of VET teachers and trainers, as well as the learning conditions for pupils, and reflect on the added value, scope and methodology of a Cedefop-led European survey of these groups.

The first webinar (3 December 2020) aims to:

  • reflect on the added value of a new survey on VET principals, teachers, trainers and learners;
  • identify research gaps and policy priorities;
  • seek for potential synergies with existing surveys for teachers and trainers and establish collaboration mechanisms with the entities in charge of such initiatives

The second webinar (7 December 2020) aims to:

  • collect lessons learnt in the design and implementation of VET teacher/trainer surveys at international/European levels;
  • collect informed views on methodological challenges and approaches of the new survey.


In the first webinar, participants will discuss existing research and data gaps, as well as challenges that VET teaches and trainers face in:  

  • supporting learners at risk including marginalised learners (socio-economically, ethnic minority groups and migrants) and creating inclusive learning and working environments;
  • working in digital environments also imposed by COVID-19 and making use of digital advancements (e.g. virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.) in teaching, learning and assessment processes.

The second webinar will focus on technical issues, such as methodological and practical implementation aspects of the new survey.

Next steps

The conclusions of this seminar will support and feed into the preparation of a new Cedefop survey on VET teachers and trainers.

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03/12/2020 to 07/12/2020
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Irene Psifidou
Anthie Kyriakopoulou