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Improving learning through formative assessment

The OECD international 'What Works' conference on 'Improving Learning through Formative Assessment' is the culmination of a major study on formative assessment and teaching. Several OECD countries promote formative assessment in the conviction that it is an important area of reform for raising levels of student achievement, equity of student outcomes, and 'learning to learn' skills. This report examines exemplary practice in eight OECD countries, brings together literature reviews from different linguistic traditions, and relates all of this to the broader policy environment on education reform. The aims of the Conference are to:

  • Examine and share the main findings of the 'What Works' study on formative assessment and related teaching strategies, and to extend the focus to practices and experiences in OECD countries as a whole; and,
  • Bring together policymakers and officials, researchers, and school leaders and practitioners in order to consider the potential for implementing formative assessment on a wider basis and how this might be achieved.

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02/02/2005 to 04/02/2005
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OECD Headquarters, Paris