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Council of the Ministers of Education, Youth and Culture

The session on education will commence on Friday 21 November at 10.00 and will be chaired by Mr Xavier Darcos, the French Minister for National Education.

On the morning of Friday 21 November, the Council is due to adopt a Resolution on a European strategy for multilingualism and conclusions on preparing young people for the 21st century: an agenda for European cooperation on schools, a resolution on lifelong guidance and conclusions on enhanced cooperation in vocational education and training.

The Council is due to adopt a Resolution on the health and well-being of young people and a Recommendation on the mobility of young volunteers across the European Union.

The ministers will also hold a public exchange of views on the future of European youth policy, focusing on three topics: volunteer activities, structured dialogue with youth organisations and the reconciliation of young people's professional and personal and family life.

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20/11/2008 to 21/11/2008
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