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Заглавие Reference Closing date Статус
ReferNet Call for Proposals BelgiumGP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/20 GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/20
Extension date and time
Evaluation underway
Call for proposals_ReferNet 2020-2023 for Belgium, Czechia, Greece, Ireland and the NetherlandsGP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/20 GP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/20 14/02/2020 Completed
Call for proposals_ReferNet 2020-2023GP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/19 GP/DSI/REFERNET-FPA/001/19 01/10/2019 Completed
ReferNet call for proposals MaltaGP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/001/16 GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/001/16 22/04/2016 Completed
ReferNet Framework Partnership Agreements 2016-2019 for Finland,Greece,Hungary,Iceland and MaltaGP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/15 GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/15 02/12/2015 Completed
ReferNet Framework Partnership Agreements 2016-2019GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/001/15 GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/001/15 21/08/2015 Completed
Relaunch - ReferNet call for proposals Greece - RomaniaGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/004/14 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/004/14 26/09/2014 Completed
ReferNet call for proposals Greece-RomaniaGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/14 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/14 16/05/2014 Completed
ReferNet call for proposals Croatia-DenmarkGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/13 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/13 24/09/2013 Completed
ReferNet call for proposals IrelandGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/003/12 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/003/12 12/09/2012 Completed
ReferNet call for proposals Ireland-SpainGP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/001/12 GP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/001/12 16/04/2012 Completed
ReferNet call for proposalsGP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/002/11 GP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/002/11 20/10/2011 Completed
ReferNet call for proposalsGP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/001/11 GP/RPA/ReferNet_FPA/001/11 08/07/2011 Completed
Evaluation of the implementation of the Communication on "e-Skills for the 21st centuryENTR/09/038 ENTR/09/038 30/09/2009 Completed
Youth in Action Programme 01/06/2009 Completed
Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) - Call for proposals 2009DG EAC/31/08 DG EAC/31/08 06/02/2009 Completed
Youth in Action Programme: Action 4.6 - PartnershipCall for proposals - EACEA/30/08 Call for proposals - EACEA/30/08 01/12/2008 Completed
Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window Asia Region 2008/2009 31/10/2008 Completed
Award of grants for projects to test and develop the credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET)EACEA/14/08 EACEA/14/08 13/08/2008 Completed
Award of grants for actions to develop and implement the european qualifications framework (EQF), including national and sectoral qualifications frameworksEACEA/16/08 EACEA/16/08 13/08/2008 Completed


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