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Printing and Photocopying of publications and promotional materials

AO/CID/MTA/Printing and Photocopying/002/2010

The purpose of this Open Invitation to tender is to conclude Service Framework Contract/s with the selected tenderer/s for each of the two Lots below:

  • LOT 1: Printing of publications and promotional material
    Lot 1 is for the production of extremely urgent publications and promotional materials for limited print runs of Cedefop.
  • LOT 2: Photocopying / digital printing of material
    Lot 2 is for the provision of photocopying/digital printing services of urgent materials for meetings, conferences and other promotional activities of Cedefop


This open tender has been published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union ref.: Contract notice – 2010/S 32 – 045259 of 16/02/2010.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 29/03/2010 (17h00 local time for hand-delivered tenders).

Tender Opening Session: 12/04/2010 (11h00 local time)

Answers to Requests for Clarification concerning this call for tender, if any, will be published under this banner. Please visit Cedefop's website frequently for updates.
If you are downloading the Tender Documents from our website, kindly send us an e-mail ( ) notifying us.


Contract Award Notice

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Clarification (3) - Questions and Answers

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Clarification (2) - Questions and Answers

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CLARIFICATION – Cedefop’s Corrections (1)

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Clarification (1) - Questions and Answers

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Tender Documents

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Annex A - Contract Notice

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Annex B - Draft Service Contract

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ANNEX G - Questionaires

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Annex H - Financial Proposal

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Call details

AO/CID/MTA/Printing and Photocopying/002/2010

For any questions or clarifications, please read the frequently asked questions first, before contacting the procurement service by email mail