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Cedefop European database on apprenticeship schemes

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The European database on Apprenticeships, produced within Cedefop’s Department for Learning and Employability, is based on information collected in the first half of 2016 as part of Cedefop’s study “Apprenticeships: A Cross-National Overview” (forthcoming, 2018). The study carried out a mapping of apprenticeship schemes considered as such in the national official definitions, i.e. what governments define as such by means of norms and minimum legal requirements. Only schemes with a stable/valid legal basis and which are system-level or mainstream schemes were considered. Pilot schemes, even when underpinned by a legal basis, were out of the scope of the study.

This database collects and organises information on apprenticeship at country level and at scheme level (a scheme is understood as a set of rules and regulations about how this type of training should be designed, delivered, assessed, certified as well as governed), allowing for comparison by country as well as by scheme. It is also possible to navigate the database using a map of Europe, or by an advanced search tool.

At present, this is a pilot version of the database. Content of this database refers to information collected in the first half of 2016 and it has not been validated. While the study aimed at being as comprehensive as possible in identifying the apprenticeship schemes existing across the countries of the study, it was not possible to identify all mainstream apprenticeship schemes, signalling, once more, that even at country level there are difficulties in identifying what falls under apprenticeship training.