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Cedefop's European Training Thesaurus - new descriptors - 2014 update

The European Training Thesaurus (ETT) is Cedefop’s controlled vocabulary used to index the VET-Bib bibliographic database. In 2014, just over 100 new descriptor terms were added, to keep track of VET development and to assist researchers in defining, narrowing, and broadening their search strategies.

Please find hereafter all new descriptors of the European Training Thesaurus sorted by microthesauri.

All descriptors have been fully integrated in VET-Bib database and are searchable. Click on the hyperlinks below and you will be connected to VET-Bib database and related research material and publications will be presented.

The number in parenthesis following each descriptor shows how many matching documents were found in VET-Bib (May 2014). These figures might have increased since then.

01 Training

02 Education

03 Learning

04 Sciences and technology

05 Information and Communication

06 Labour

07 Enterprise

09 Economic activities

10 Economy

11 Administration

12 Society

13 Population

15 European Union

16 International organisation

18 Auxilary terms


European Training Thesaurus - 2014 new descriptors

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