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OECD LEED - Cedefop Green skills forum 2014

Green skills and innovation for inclusive growth

The challenges of greening the economy and the implications for employment and skills vary across regions and local areas, depending on their economic and industrial structure, as well as their current and potential innovative activities. Despite these national differences, sustained and inclusive employment is a shared objective for policy makers in all types of localities.

The 2nd Green Skills Forum will have a special focus on the links between skills and knowledge needs and inclusive green growth. Experts in innovation, employability and skills development policies will draw lessons from work conducted by Cedefop, the OECD and other organisations in this area. The discussions will help identify the obstacles and challenges lying ahead for the development of skills, education and training policies. The Forum’s outcomes will contribute to inform new work to be conducted to address the transition of labour markets to greener employment growth.

The conference papers, discussions and exchanges are expected to:

  • Inform of strategies, initiatives and policy approaches tackling key skills issues for green growth;
  • Compare methods and tools used in monitoring and evaluating developments in labour markets;
  • Indicate how research can support better targeted policy making and skills strategies;
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and provide guidance for future research and collaboration for transitioning to a low carbon economy.

To register for the Forum please refer to the link below. Due to the limitation of available places, we will accept participants on a first come first served basis. Registration is free of charge, however participants must bear their travelling, accommodation, and subsistence expenses. Cedefop will reimburse travel costs of invited speakers only.

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