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Status Title Reference Type Closing date
Completed Provision of medical services to Cedefop staffRPP/DRS/GMA/Medical-services/001/16 RPP/DRS/GMA/Medical-services/001/16 Call for tenders 21/03/2016
Completed Security and Associated Services for the Cedefop premisesAO/DRS/ASAIN/Security&AssociatedServices/014/15 AO/DRS/ASAIN/Security&AssociatedServices/014/15 Call for tenders 01/02/2016
Completed ReferNet Framework Partnership Agreements 2016-2019 for Finland,Greece,Hungary,Iceland and MaltaGP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/15 GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/002/15 Call for proposals 02/12/2015
Completed Apprenticeships: A Cross-National OverviewAO/DLE/RCDC-LRUST/CrossNationalOverview/013/15 AO/DLE/RCDC-LRUST/CrossNationalOverview/013/15 Call for tenders 09/11/2015
Completed Developing Information Technologies and Labour Market Information in Lifelong GuidanceAO/DLE/PMDFON/ICT_and_LMI_in_Guidance/010/15 AO/DLE/PMDFON/ICT_and_LMI_in_Guidance/010/15 Call for tenders 05/10/2015
Completed The impact of Globalisation on Vocational Education and Training AO/DSI/GKO/Globalisation and VET/011/15 AO/DSI/GKO/Globalisation and VET/011/15 Call for tenders 02/10/2015
Completed The changing nature and role of vocational education and training in EuropeAO/DSI/JB/Changing_Role_of_Vet/009/15 AO/DSI/JB/Changing_Role_of_Vet/009/15 Call for tenders 28/09/2015
Completed Statistical services for data monitoring, analysis and reporting in the field of VET, Lifelong learning and skillsAO/DSL/MSERA/Statistical services/008/15 AO/DSL/MSERA/Statistical Services/008/15 Call for tenders 15/09/2015
Completed Support and Development services for Europass web resourcesAO/DSI-RS/PHT-ASIA/EuropassServices/007/2015 AO/DSI-RS/PHT-ASIA/EuropassServices/007/2015 Call for tenders
Extension date and time
Completed Security and Associated Services for the Cedefop premisesAO/DRS/ASAIN/Security&AssociatedServices/006/15 AO/DRS/ASAIN/Security&AssociatedServices/006/15 Call for tenders 26/08/2015
Completed ReferNet Framework Partnership Agreements 2016-2019GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/001/15 GP/DSI/ReferNet_FPA/001/15 Call for proposals 21/08/2015
Completed The role of learning outcomes in supporting dialogue between the labour market and education and training; the case of vocational education and trainingAO/DSI/JB/ Learning outcomes and the labour market /004/15 AO/DSI/JB/ Learning outcomes and the labour market /004/15 Call for tenders 31/07/2015
Completed Opinion survey on VET in EuropeAO/DLE/LSALVA-EVGAR/VET_Survey/003/15 AO/DLE/LSALVA-EVGAR/VET_Survey/003/15 Call for tenders 08/06/2015
Completed Learning cultures in organizationsAO/DSL/ABARA/GRUSSO/learning cultures in organizations/002/15 AO/DSL/ABARA/GRUSSO/learning cultures in organizations/002/15 Call for tenders 28/05/2015
Completed Thematic Country Reviews on ApprenticeshipsAO/ECVL/RCDCR/TCR_Apprenticeships/001/15 AO/ECVL/RCDCR/TCR_Apprenticeships/001/15 Call for tenders 22/04/2015
Completed ICT services for development of applications in PowerBuilderAO/RES/ITK/PowerBuilderServices/015/14 AO/RES/ITK/PowerBuilderServices/015/14 Call for tenders 29/10/2014
Completed 2016 update of the European inventory of validation of non-formal and informal learningAO/ECVL/JB-EVGAR/2016-Validation-Inventory/014/14 AO/ECVL/JB-EVGAR/2016-Validation-Inventory/014/14 Call for tenders 21/10/2014
Completed Provision of data analysis and intelligence on skills and labour marketsAO/RPA/AZU-ILIVAN/skills-intelligence/012/14 AO/RPA/AZU-ILIVAN/skills-intelligence/012/14 Call for tenders 10/10/2014
Completed Printing of urgent publications and promotional material for limited print-runsAO/CID/MTK/Urgent-printing/013/14 AO/CID/MTK/Urgent-printing/013/14 Call for tenders 02/10/2014
Completed Travel Agency ServicesAO/RES/JK/Travel Agency services/011/14 AO/RES/JK/Travel Agency services/011/14 Call for tenders 01/10/2014


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