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This section proposes a selection of inspiring examples, including:

  • quick wins - relatively simple activities that can contribute to tackling early leaving
  • good practices – successful measures implemented in different EU countries to tackle early leaving
  • toolkits and tools that have been developed to help tackle early leaving in Europe.

These examples were selected as part of the Cedefop study ‘Leaving education early: putting vocational education and training (VET) centre stage’. Would you like to know more about the methodology used to select the examples and the countries covered? Go to About >

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Good practice

Introductory training (Einstiegsqualifizierung (EQ))

The “Introductory training” scheme has been running in Germany since 2004. The scheme funds apprenticeship-like training with a view to helping young people find a regular apprenticeship opportunity.

Good practice

Invest in talent

Invest in Talent offers a combined offer of: internships, work, education, affordable housing, coaching for vulnerable young people to reduce dropout rates and support sustainable career perspectives.


Invest in Talent

In the Netherlands, the ‘Invest in Talent’ initiative provides practical advice on how to bring together partners from the worlds of employment, education, housing, coaching and mentoring to offer support to young people in dealing with the challenges they face in everyday life.

Read the initiative flyer and description

Good practice

Jugendberufsagentur (JBA – youth labour employment agency) Hamburg

German youth labour employment agencies (JBA) bring together career guidance and counselling services in one single place.

Quick win

Keeping in touch with young drop-outs

Keep in touch: create a platform to coordinate the activities of the main stakeholders working in the field of early leaving in your area.

Good practice

Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)

Students following the Irish Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA) accumulate credits by three different routes (satisfactory completion of modules; the student tasks; and the final examinations) over two years. They are certified on the basis of the total number of credits accumulated.


Leonardo da Vinci (LLP project) - Transfer of Innovation - Theatre as empowerment methodology for iVET - HANDBOOK

As part of forum theatre, learners explore solutions to their problems by acting out difficulties encountered in daily life.

Quick win

Listening to the student ‘voice’

Listen to the student ‘voice’ – give learners the chance to express their views about issues relating to their learning and welfare. Different approaches can be introduced at a low cost and be highly effective.

Good practice

Local Action for Youth (ALJ, Action locale pour jeunes)

The Luxembourgish Local Action for Youth can make direct contact to help early leavers from education and training thanks to the national register of pupils updated monthly by the Education Ministry.