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This section proposes a selection of inspiring examples, including:

  • quick wins - relatively simple activities that can contribute to tackling early leaving
  • good practices – successful measures implemented in different EU countries to tackle early leaving
  • toolkits and tools that have been developed to help tackle early leaving in Europe.

These examples were selected as part of the Cedefop study ‘Leaving education early: putting vocational education and training (VET) centre stage’. Would you like to know more about the methodology used to select the examples and the countries covered? Go to About >

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Good practice

Certificate of practice (Praksisbrev)

The Norwegian ‘Certificate of Practice’ is a two-year programme with emphasis on practical training. After obtaining a ‘Certificate of Practice’, the learner can continue training towards a trade or journeyman’s certificate.

Good practice

Certification Per Unit (CPU)

In the French-speaking community of Belgium, Certification Per Unit (CPU) allows students to validate their skills gradually. This gives value to the young person’s learning outcomes and can help to avoid year repetition.

Tools – my work experience matters! supports the recognition of professional experience and potential of migrants through work placements and counselling.

Good practice

Coaching and counseling for apprentices and training companies - Apprenticeship coaching

Apprenticeship coaching in Austria aims to avoid drop outs due to misunderstanding or conflict between apprentices and in company trainers. The latter may also receive coaching or counselling as required, in order to ensure the success of the mediation.


CodeRed Curriculum and learning material.

The Code RED Curriculum and learning material supports young people develop their employability skills. A Tutor Handbook also provides information on supporting young people re-engage in education and training.

Good practice

Comprehensive pathways for the integration of young people

Programme for young people implemented by the cooperaive "Jovent" offering comprehensive pathways of guidance, training, social inclusion and labour market insertion.


Concept and Materials – involve parents, improve school.

The Involve Parents, Improve school toolkit provides practical solutions to teachers on how to improve parent involvement in school activities.

Good practice

Contact Points for people who gained professional qualifications abroad (AST)

Counselling on recognition and further educational topics for migrants, people entitled to asylum status and to subsidiary protection. Multilingual consultations are offered in the following languages: German, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Turkish, English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Farsi, Arabic, Dioula, and Bobo. Through lobbying and networking with decision-makers and opinion leaders AST gathers information, analyses and responds to policy initiatives and social developments with the aim to represent the interests of migrants.

Quick win

Create opportunities for informal interactions between students and VET provider staff

Creating opportunities for informal interactions between learners and staff can help build trust and create positive relationships.