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Non-pedagogical expert providing support to young people

If you are a non-pedagogical practitioner providing support to young people, for instance at a public employment service, social service, guidance centre, youth organisation, municipality, or other entity:

  • Would you like to know if the young people you are working with are at risk of early leaving? Have a look at our tips to identify learners at risk of early leaving >
  • Do you want to learn more about comprehensive support to young people with complex needs, guidance, and other intervention approaches? Check our tips >
  • Are you interested in knowing more about how to promote the protective factors against early leaving (for instance, a supportive family environment, health and wellbeing, or work readiness)? Check our tips >
  • Would you like to plan or conduct an evaluation of a measure to tackle early leaving? Have a look at our checklist for provider-level evaluations >



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