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Profiles of early leavers and learners at risk of early leaving

  • Learners escaping the system

    Silva enjoys going to school to be with her friends but feels that classes are boring and that school is not her thingRead more.

  • Learners confronting the system

    Alex is frequently absent from school. When he attends classes he often acts rebellious.Read more.

  • Learners disengaging due to difficulties adapting after transition

    Ana is interested in artistic expression and decided to enroll in a photography programme. She now finds the programme to be too difficult, and her self-esteem is low.Read more.

  • Learners disengaging because they cannot find a placement

    ​Ibrahim has been sending applications for apprenticeships for three months now but all have been refused. He is losing all hope.Read more.

  • Young people who left education and training because of caring, parenting or working obligations

    Maria dropped out of school. She now realises that her lack of qualifications is a major obstacle to finding a stable job, but is unsure if she can resume her studies while still supporting her family.Read more.

  • Young people who left education and training and suffer multiple disadvantages, possibly facing health and psycho-social issues

    Marco left school some time ago. He had some problems at home, and was feeling depressed.Read more.

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