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Task 1: Consider whether the initiative is an effective use of the resources involved

Key question 1: Are the costs reasonable compared to the outputs and results achieved??

  • Calculate costs per output and where possible cost per result.

Key question 2: How do the costs compare to other, similar, policies/measures?

  • Make comparisons with similar policies/measures.

Key question 3: How do the costs compare for activities within the policy/measure?

  • Make comparisons across different components of the policy/measure.


The evaluation of the UK measure ‘The Youth Contract for 16-17 year olds not in education, employment or training evaluation’ included a cost-benefit analysis. It subtracted the estimated direct and indirect costs of the programme from the estimated long-term benefits of participating in it.

It looks into the impact of additional qualifications resulting from participation in the programme, on increased lifetime earnings, improved health, and reduced criminal activity.


Read 2014 evaluation report (in English) >


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