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Four reports on validation have just been published by Cedefop. They focus on funding, the care and youth sectors, use of validation of non-formal and informal learning, and validation and open educational resources.

Skills a priority for the Slovak EU Presidency

The SKILLSNET e-bulletin July 2016 Issue has just been send to skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.


ReferNet, Cedefop’s network of institutions providing information on vocational education and training (VET) in EU Member States plus Iceland and Norway, welcomed several new partners in July.


More than 20 Cedefop and European Training Foundation (ETF) experts took part in the first knowledge-sharing seminar of the two EU agencies in 2016, in Turin on 15 July.


Human capital and skills development and recognition are among the priorities of the Slovak EU Presidency in the second half of 2016.


At a UNESCO/UNEVOC conference on the occasion of World Youth Skills Day, on 15 July, in Bonn, Cedefop Director James Calleja said that one of the key reasons vocational education and training (VET) is not attractive enough to young and older learners and workers is education and employment authorities’ fear to reform it and raise its profile.


Unesco Bangkok organised a regional meeting in Manila, in the Philippines on 11 and 12 July  to discuss quality assurance arrangements that underpin the qualification process used in technical vocational education and training (TVET).

ReferNet Sweden

Skills for confident and conscious use of information technology are becoming increasingly important in a changing society. In IVET, digital competence may be crucial for learners to adapt in a competitive economy.  To promote digital competence, the Swedish government is proposing a strategic nationwide programme that takes IVET-specific needs into account.

ReferNet Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism has launched a shared working spaces plan for entrepreneurs and a youth employment plan, in cooperation with the School of Industrial Organization (Escuela de Organización Industrial - EOI). These plans have a combined budget of EUR 83 million and a target of more than 8 500 young adults and entrepreneurs.

ReferNet Germany

The results of a student survey on the attractiveness of vocational education and training (VET), conducted by the University of Maastricht in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), show that around a third of students have doubts about whether they will complete the course of  higher education study they are currently undertaking. About 30% believe that training in the dual system is an attractive alternative.


At a high level meeting on the future of vocational education and training (VET) in Turin on 23 June, Undersecretary of Labour Luigi Bobba said that Italy has embarked on a process to bring the world of education closer to that of employment by promoting work-based learning and closer cooperation between school systems and labour market needs and economic growth.


Cooperation between employment and education authorities and Cedefop to equip Greek people with the skills needed to find and stay in employment was the topic of a seminar on 28 June in Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki, 13-14 October 2016

 Save the date

 The second Cedefop Policy Learning Forum (PLF) on defining and writing of learning outcomes for VET qualifications will take place in Thessaloniki on13-14 October 2016.


At a seminar jointly organised by Cedefop and the Netherlands EU Presidency on 23 June in Brussels, experts and stakeholders from around Europe discussed policies for matching better skills in better jobs.

New analytical highlights on occupations just published on the Skills Panorama

The SKILLSNET e-bulletin June 2016 Issue has just been send to skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

Find them online on the Skills Panorama website

New occupational analytical highlights offer valuable insights on the trends for skills as well as analyses of the drivers of change for a total of 30 occupations.


At a high level conference held in Sofia on 16 and 17 June to discuss the result orientation of the cohesion policy, Cedefop Director James Calleja said that cohesion funds have a dual role: to promote the ‘think European, act local’ idea and ensure universal access to the acquisition of skills and qualifications.

ReferNet UK

An increasing number of university applicants in the UK have an expanding range of secondary level qualifications; many of these are vocational in nature.

ReferNet Bulgaria

The third forum for dual-track education was organised in spring 2016 within the Dual education for the modern requirements and needs of society project (Domino).