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Status Title Reference Type Closing date
Completed ICT Support ServicesAO/RES/SAN/ICTSS/010/13 AO/RES/SAN/ICTSS/010/13 Call for tenders 06/08/2013
Completed Building management system (BMS) — delivery, installation and supporting servicesAO/RES/ASAIN/BMS/009/13 AO/RES/ASAIN/BMS/009/13 Call for tenders 05/08/2013
Completed Supporting continuing professional development of trainers in enterprisesAO/ECVL/IJE/In-company trainers professional development/006/13 AO/ECVL/IJE/In-company trainers professional development/006/13 Call for tenders 08/07/2013
Completed Provision of Heating Oil for the Cedefop buildingAO/RES/ASAIN/HeatingOil/007/13 AO/RES/ASAIN/HeatingOil/007/13 17/06/2013
Completed The role of VET in reducing early leaving from education and trainingAO/ECVL/IPS-ARANI/EarlyLeaving/005/13 AO/ECVL/IPS-ARANI/EarlyLeaving/005/13 Call for tenders 04/06/2013
Completed The application of learning outcomes approaches across Europe - a comparative overviewAO/ECVL/JB–SPEV/LearningOutcomes/004/13 AO/ECVL/JB–SPEV/LearningOutcomes/004/13 Call for tenders 28/05/2013
Completed Gardening Services for the Cedefop buildingAO/RES/ASAIN/GardeningServices/003/13 AO/RES/ASAIN/GardeningServices/003/13 Call for tenders 26/04/2013
Completed Work-based learning approaches in continuing vocational education and training in Europe: practices and policiesAO/ECVL/ADEHM-GUTCH/Work-based learning in CVET/002/13 AO/ECVL/ADEHM-GUTCH/Work-based learning in CVET/002/13 Call for tenders 15/04/2013
Completed Collection and review of skill mismatch policies and practices in the EUAO/RPA/JVLOO-KPOUL/Skill Mismatch Policies/001/13 AO/RPA/JVLOO-KPOUL/Skill Mismatch Policies/001/13 Call for tenders 02/04/2013
Completed Selection of a medical service provider for pre-recruitment and annual medical examinations of Cedefop staffNPP/RES/GMA/MedicalServiceProvider/001/13 NPP/RES/GMA/MedicalServiceProvider/001/13 Call for tenders 01/04/2013
Completed Implementation of an employer survey on skill needs in EuropeAO/RPA/NSOFRO-AZU/Full-Scale-European-Employer-Survey/023/12 AO/RPA/NSOFRO-AZU/Full-Scale-European-Employer-Survey/023/12 Call for tenders 06/02/2013
Completed Narrative of career/ labour market related learning of low skilled workersAO/RPA/GRUSSO-ABARA/Narrative of learning from the low skilled/022/12 AO/RPA/GRUSSO-ABARA/Narrative of learning from the low skilled/022/12 Call for tenders 18/01/2013
Completed Provision of services by a Professional Conference OrganiserAO/CID/CF/ProfessionalConferenceOrganiser/020/12 AO/CID/CF/ProfessionalConferenceOrganiser/020/12 Call for tenders 19/12/2012
Completed Provision of ICT training to Cedefop staffAO/RES/ITK-AMC/ICT-Training/021/12 AO/RES/ITK-AMC/ICT-Training/021/12 Call for tenders 18/12/2012
Completed Quality approaches in Learning and Training patterns in European small firmsAO/ECVL/TB/Quality Approaches/019/2012 AO/ECVL/TB/Quality Approaches/019/2012 Call for tenders 07/11/2012
Cancelled Building Management System (BMS) - Delivery, Installation, & Supporting ServicesAO/RES/ASAIN/BMS/018/12 AO/RES/ASAIN/BMS/018/12 Call for tenders 30/10/2012
Completed Analysis of the Continuing Vocational Training and Adult Education SurveysAO/RPA/ALSTI/Analysis of CVTS and AES/014/12 AO/RPA/ALSTI/Analysis of CVTS and AES/014/12 Call for tenders 24/09/2012
Completed Painting Services for the Cedefop buildingAO/RES/ASAIN/PaintingServices/016/12 AO/RES/ASAIN/PaintingServices/016/12 Call for tenders 14/09/2012
Completed Teaching and learning methods in initial vocational education and training: European trends and challengesAO/ECVL/IPS/Teaching methods in VET/015/2012 AO/ECVL/IPS/Teaching methods in VET/015/2012 Call for tenders 12/09/2012
Completed ReferNet call for proposals IrelandGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/003/12 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/003/12 Call for proposals 12/09/2012


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