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Status Title Reference Type Closing date
Completed Travel Agency ServicesAO/RES/JK/Travel Agency services/011/14 AO/RES/JK/Travel Agency services/011/14 Call for tenders 01/10/2014
Completed Provision of language training to Cedefop staffAO/RES/RGERMA/Language training/009/14 AO/RES/RGERMA/Language training/009/14 Call for tenders 30/09/2014
Completed Real-time labour market information on skill requirements: feasibility study and working prototypeAO/RPA/VKVET-NSOFRO/Real-time LMI/010/14 AO/RPA/VKVET-NSOFRO/Real-time LMI/010/14 Call for tenders 30/09/2014
Completed Relaunch - ReferNet call for proposals Greece - RomaniaGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/004/14 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/004/14 Call for proposals 26/09/2014
Completed Provision of Cleaning Services for Cedefop PremisesAO/RES/ASAIN/CleaningServices/008/14 AO/RES/ASAIN/CleaningServices/008/14 Call for tenders 22/09/2014
Completed Labour market information in lifelong guidanceAO/RPA/PMDFON/LMI in Guidance/007/14 AO/RPA/PMDFON/LMI in Guidance/007/14 Call for tenders 15/09/2014
Completed ICT helpdesk servicesAO/RES/SAN-SAK/Helpdesk/006/14 AO/RES/SAN-SAK/Helpdesk/006/14 Call for tenders 01/08/2014
Completed Economic and Social Costs of Low Skilled Adults in EUAO/ECVL/ARANI-LSALVA/LowSkilled/005/14 AO/ECVL/ARANI-LSALVA/LowSkilled/005/14 Call for tenders 21/07/2014
Completed ICT Services for Livelink - OpenText Content Server 10AO/RES/ITK/Livelink-OTCS10-Services/004/14 AO/RES/ITK/Livelink-OTCS10-Services/004/14 Call for tenders 11/07/2014
Completed ReferNet call for proposals Greece-RomaniaGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/14 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/14 Call for proposals 16/05/2014
Completed ICT Network Support ServicesAO/RES/SAN/ICTNetSS/003/14 AO/RES/SAN/ICTNetSS/003/14 Call for tenders 15/05/2014
Completed Designing a new user experience for the EU Skills Panorama web portalAO/RPA/AZU/EUSP-WEB-SERVICES/002/14 AO/RPA/AZU/EUSP-WEB-SERVICES/002/14 Call for tenders 28/04/2014
Completed Painting Services for the Cedefop building's internal surfacesAO/RES/ASAIN/PaintingServices/001/14 AO/RES/ASAIN/PaintingServices/001/14 Call for tenders 14/04/2014
Completed Measuring Performance of EU Member States Skills Systems and Prioritising Skill MismatchesAO/RPA/KPOUL-AZU/Prioritising_Skill_Mismatches/015/13 AO/RPA/KPOUL-AZU/Prioritising_Skill_Mismatches/015/13 Call for tenders 20/02/2014
Completed ReferNet call for proposals Croatia-DenmarkGP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/13 GP/RPA/ReferNet-FPA/002/13 Call for proposals 24/09/2013
Completed Web development, support and maintenance services for the Cedefop official websiteAO/CID/NT/Website-CMS_services/014/13 AO/CID/NT/Website-CMS_services/014/13 Call for tenders 20/09/2013
Completed Labour market mobility and skill mismatch in EU labour marketsAO/RPA/KPOUL-GRUSSO/Mobility and Skill Mismatch/011/13 AO/RPA/KPOUL-GRUSSO/Mobility and Skill Mismatch/011/13 Call for tenders 10/09/2013
Completed Governance and financing of apprenticeshipAO/RPA/PLI-ABARA/Apprenticeship/012/13 AO/RPA/PLI-ABARA/Apprenticeship/012/13 Call for tenders 09/09/2013
Completed Supply of print and electronic books, electronic and print periodicals, document delivery services, electronic resources, press clipping servicesAO/CID/COROM/Information Services/013/13 AO/CID/COROM/Information Services/013/13 Call for tenders 09/09/2013
Completed Quality assurance of certification in vocational education and trainingAO/ECVL/GKO-ARANI/QA&certification/008/13 AO/ECVL/GKO-ARANI/QA&certification/008/13 Call for tenders 30/08/2013


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