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Translation services

AO/DCM/MTA/Translation services/009/17

Cedefop will conclude framework contracts for translation services. The subject matter of the texts will be vocational education and training and/or related areas (education, skills and employment).

This tender procedure is divided into the following 7 Lots:

Lot 1: Translation services from English into German

Lot 2: Translation services from English into Greek

Lot 3: Translation services from English into Spanish

Lot 4: Translation services from English into French

Lot 5: Translation services from English into Italian

Lot 6: Translation services from English into Polish

Lot 7: Translation services from English into Portuguese

Tenderers may submit tenders for one or more lots (for one lot only, or any combination of lots, or for all the lots).

This call has been published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union 2017/S 153-316341 of 11/08/17.

Deadline for submitting tenders: 02/10/2017 (17h00 for hand-delivered tenders).

Requests for additional information/clarification should be received by 22/09/2017.

The answers to such requests, if any, will be published under this banner, therefore please visit Cedefop's website frequently for updates.

If you are downloading these documents from our website, kindly send us an e-mail ( ) notifying us.


Clarification 8 Translation

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Clarification 7 Translation

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Clarification 6 Translation

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Clarification 5 Translation

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Clarification 4 Translation

EN140.03 KB

Clarification 3 Translation

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Clarification 2 Translation

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Clarification 1 Translation

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Tender Dossier Translation services

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Call details

AO/DCM/MTA/Translation services/009/17

For any questions or clarifications, please read the frequently asked questions first, before contacting the procurement service by email mail