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Pre-announcement: Call for papers – Skills for a Low Carbon Economy

The Cedefop-OECD Green Skills Forum 2012 will be announcing its major theme, and calling for related papers, in early September.

The event, to be held at OECD headquarters in Paris on February 27, 2012, will bring together an international forum of 70-80 researchers, government advisers, employment and policy analysts and social partners working on skills development and training needs for a sustainable future. They will gather the latest insights on (1) what firms and organizations are already doing to foster the potential of green growth through skills development activities; (2) how strategies for green skills are integrated with other areas of workforce development and (3) identify tools and directions for further research.

The forum aims to draw on lessons from work conducted by the OECD, Cedefop, and other organisations on the implications of the green economy for skills development and training policies. These insights will contribute to the OECD’s Green Growth Strategy studies such as the project on Measuring the Potential of Green Growth and to Cedefop’s Green Skills activities, which contribute to the European Commission’s initiative on New Skills for New Jobs.

The deadline for submitting papers is early December 2011. Details will be given in September.

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